How it works

Today's companies face a key question: how can virtual technologies be utilized to optimize remote talent and enhance productivity?
Instead of costly relocation, O2L helps you distribute core activities to where talent is abundant and cost effective, securing a diverse set of skills. Lebanon provides just such a professional pool.

Are You Looking For Talent ?

Pick one of our 2 solutions according to your needs.

Need a long-term employee?

Upgrade your team’s capacity with specialized talent.

Need a short-term employee?

Achieve specific deliverables in a fixed time-frame.

Projects Requirements

Tell us your needs. Describe a candidate’s profile, skills set, and experience level. We sort talent to meet your criteria and generate a short list of qualified candidates for you to choose from.

Onboard Specialized Talent

Find a match. Once you’ve made a final decision, provide us with the start date and work requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Project Execution

We assess continuously to meet milestones and provide progress reports to ensure your project is on track.